Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Remodeling bathrooms is very popular with Todays’ home owners, turning their ho hum bathroom into something warm and inviting.You should first determine whether you want to do some upgrading because of wear and tear or a whole new decor is your goal.

If you are considering a total renovation of your bathroom, and space is your motivation, consider an expansion of a few feet, either by moving a wall or a small addition. This will give your bathroom a more open and relaxing feel that you are looking for. If expansion is not an option, there are still many other creative ideas that you can do to give bathroom a lot of sparkle.

If your bathroom is small or narrow, consider elongated diamonds or narrow rectangle shapes, running the length of the floor, will make your bathroom appear more spacious. Installing small ¾” or 1” (ceramic or stone) tile on the floor , is also another way to give your bath a beautiful beginning.

Upgrade your bathroom with a tile wainscot, sprinkle in some well placed tile accents can help enhance your cabinet or counter top colors. When creating your tile designs, first assemble some samples in your bathroom. This will ensure the colors, patterns and overall design you have selected will be the right fit for your bathroom. Remember to use a sub-strait such as; Hardi-Backer Board® over any wood sub-floor for a uniformed level surface for tiling. You should also always seal the grout in your bathroom or (any room) to add strength, durability and ease of cleaning.

If you are going to install a new bathroom floor then you should consider replacing the vanity as well. With so many different styles, sizes and shades of vanities on the market today, your options are endless. Open toe kick and a skirt sink can give bathroom a beautiful, distinctive charm. When purchasing a new vanity, make sure that it doesn’t overwhelm the space in your bathroom and it has plenty of drawer space. Highlight your bathroom remodel with a new “solid surface” counter top such as; granite, quartz or polished limestone.

Having selected your counter top, a new sink is the next item to consider. Today’s sinks come in many different styles, price and materials: hand chiseled stone, hammered copper, vessel and porcelain to name just a few. When choosing your sink, consider the type of install your looking for; self rimming or under-mount. You should select the type of faucet you want as well, to ensure everything will fit comfortably on your counter top.

Replacing the toilet can also be a challenge. With so many colors, styles and tank combinations it can be little confusing. Make sure that the style you choose, it doesn’t protrude into your bathroom and if you have a water closet, that the toilet allows the door swing free. Before purchasing, you should consider a raised or taller toilet 17” +, one that is flapper-less, quiet and most of all, efficient. When you are installing your toilet on a tile floor, to prevent rocking, use your tile grout around the base. Make sure you stuff it thoroughly with your finger, let set a few minutes, then sponge off excess for a smooth finish, let dry & cure.

To complete your bathroom remodel, you will need to decide whether to preserve or replace your bathtub. If your bathtub is in relatively good shape you may want to keep it and retile the surround or deck. If your goal is to replace it, then make sure of your bathrooms space, and your overall design before you make your decision. There are several bathtub styles to choose from; the old world charm of a claw-foot soaker or the more traditional Jacuzzi, either way they will make an excellent centerpiece to your bathroom.

If your bathroom remodel involves replacing the shower or bathtub surround, make sure to re-tile the surround to the ceiling, this will give your bathroom remodel a more professional appearance. Remember to always replace your shower walls and pan with a “water-proof” sub-strait and underlayment such as: Kerdi Board or Tile Ready®. In addition, you might want to upgrade your shower valve as well and purchase a popular brand to ensure replacement parts are always readily available when needed.

Never overlook the importance of light in your bathroom remodel. Brighten your bathroom with natural light, by installing a larger window or skylight. Recessed or track lighting, wall sconces in lieu of a light bar, frame-less glass enclosure & medicine cabinet, or portrait mirrors, is an excellent way to accentuate your bathroom’s appearance.

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