Custom Patio Covers

Custom Patio Covers

A custom built patio cover can be a beautiful way for you to entertain large parties or intimate get-togethers with family and friends. Begin your project with the type of conveniences you want in your new patio cover (ceiling fans, lighting, heating or a fireplace ect.). Based on what features you select, make sure you budget includes the installation of power, water or gas, for your project. Then decide on the type of patio you want, standard grey/stamped-colored or stained concrete, tile or pavers. If you already have an existing patio that fits your needs, save that added expense and only install the concrete foundations for the support structures.

Custom patio covers are framed primarily out of wood, providing you with excellent strength, durability and an endless number of design possibilities.

Give your patio cover an open, airy feel with a vaulted or raised ceiling. Add some architectural flair, such as exposed beams or heavy timber trusses. Enhance your covered patio with a tongue & groove wood ceiling, a sound system, down rod ceiling fans and track lighting.

You can design a more modern style covered patio, one with a smooth finish on the ceiling; recessed or indirect lighting. Incorporate some of your home’s exterior features, such as: smooth or rough stucco finish, pop-outs, radius arches,Grecian or stucco columns with tile or stone accents around the base. Installing a built-in fireplace or wall mounted heating creates a year round use for your covered patio.

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